About Us

PureLife Technologies Ltd.is a UK-based technology company.

Our mission is to develop and manage technology platforms which enable users to access; review and book activities experiences; and accommodation with a specific focus on helping to achieve overall wellness.

Our vision is to become a market leader in the wellness tourism industry by utilising technology to better connect the growing needs of consumers in prioritising physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in their leisure activities.

Our Advantage

People’s need to travel faster, safer, and more efficiently has fuelled the invention of great technological solutions. During the last decades, the impact of technology on travel has become even more significant thanks to the application of new IT services, leading to the rise of the online travel market and the increasing digitalisation of the travel industry.

Our team focusses on developing tech solution to better educate, empower and connect users with wellness experiences, accommodation, travel options, etc.

We address these increasing demands from the market through our 3 brands.


There are many well-known brand names associated with travel. However, once you are actually in a city there isn’t a well-known brand for walking, running or cycling routes to show you the best of that city.

By way of our Walk Run Cycle brand, we offer a simple, focused selection of highly curated routes – ones that have actually been experienced by real people on the ground!


Planning the perfect holiday is hard enough. Finding one that offers the perfect wellness solutions within it is even harder.

Through our PureLife.travel brand we offer a central point of authority to aid the user to better plan and book their wellness break.


Companies are increasingly realising  the need to maintain and encourage employee wellbeing, specifically on matters relating to mental health.

Through our Wellness Concierge brand, we aim to service the needs of corporate clients looking to expand their wellness programs for their employees.

Meet The Team

Sam Tehrani


Sabrina Santos


Riaan Lottering

Financial Controller

Simon Kiero-Watson

Board Advisor

Ian Bush

Board Advisor

Brandon Scholtz